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Hunting Island, SC/ Desiah turns 6

I don’t know what my problem is, but I apparently bottle all my stress up until I pull my bones out of alignment. Even though I was heading for a nice vacation camping with my sister and niece I had a little pain above my knee creep in for a few days before I left NY. Then I got there and within a day I had pulled pretty much everything head to toe out of alignment, causing myself terrible pain for a week. But my sister and niece are beautiful and I enjoyed spending time with them in any shape. It was Desiah’s first time camping and she decided it was the best birthday and wants to spend every birthday camping.


Hunting Island, SC/Ladson, SC

more camping photos taken with my iphone at Hunting Island, SC campground and photos at birthday party at home.


A friendly little raccoon with moss on his head.

Recently lost her first baby tooth.

Facing her fears of water on her face.

Birthday party storms always threaten but pass over.

Leah & Tyler

Leah & Tyler married at Max at High Falls in downtown Rochester, NY October 13th, 2012. I’m lucky to know them. They are hilarious and adorable.

Leah & Tyler

I’m photographing Leah and Tyler getting married October 13th! Here’s some pictures of them enjoying their city: Rochester, NY.

Desiah turns 4!

07/20/2012 - 7:53 PM agnes - she makes an awesome mermaid!

Marina & Peter

Marina Carl and Peter Gevers live in Portland, OR but decided to elope in New York City. I am definitely convinced City Hall weddings are the best. And instead of a cake smoosh they did a cute hot dog smoosh.


New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve with newly engaged Anna and Casey. Pictures taken with my iphone.

Desiah turns 3

My niece Desiah’s birthday party at home in Ladson, SC.








Bianka & Anthony

Bianka is my little sister’s best friend and I think her and Anthony are so cute so I dropped hints to my sister Aimee until they hired me to shoot their wedding. My sister made the wedding cake with a little “ant” and a “bee” at the bottom. They live in Portland, OR and had their wedding at Edgefield, a renovated 100 year old lodge in Troutdale, Oregon.

Cherie, Kevin, & Brandon

Cherie, Kevin, & Brandon in Beaverton, OR. Cherie and I have been friends since 1992. Brandon is 1 year old here. Brandon was born on the same day as my niece and is exactly one year younger. Desiah met him when he was a newborn and again now at one and loved him!